Astrological significance of reading hanuman Challisha everyday

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According to the Vedis tradition of Hindu astrological beliefs, the hymns and verses have the power to overcome the difficulties in life and remove negativities from your life. By chanting the hymns, you can get peace of serenity and ensure more focus on achieving your goal in life. 


Lord Hanuman is believed to be the potential power in the world who can protect your life from omens and provide divine power to overcome all difficulties in your path to success. According to astrological beliefs and the best astrology app, he is the destroyer of evil powers. Even a lame can cross the mountains with the best willpower and blessings from Lord Hanuman. 

About Hanuman Challisha

Hanuman Challisha is a hymn written in the offer to Lord Hanuman and consists of 40 slokas in the hymn. Saint Goswami Tulsidas wrote this hymn according to ancient history. Even the ancient traditions believe that Tulsidas composed this hymn in a stet of meditation or samadhi at the Kumbh Mela in Haridwar. The word “challisha” means forty, and it is the traditional belief that the hymn has the power to attract infinite blessings from Lord Hanuman. 

Myths related to Hanuman Challisha

The ancient Hindu literature believes that Lord Hanuman consists of 8 idols or deities and 12 Jyotirlingas. These deities and Jyotirlingas also comprise 5 mukhs or faces and 15 eyes. If we count all these divine aspects, the total count turns to 40. The best online astrologer also believes that if a person reads this hymn for 40 days, it can bring miracles to his life and help him succeed in his career. 

Astrological significance of Hanuman Challisha

Hanuman Chalisa is considered a potential and effective poetic version. According to the Vedic astrological beliefs, it is also the best remedy for removing the malefic effects of Saturn. The negative influence associated with Saturn is believed to be weird off by chanting Hanuman Chalisa. Ensure to chant the hymn 8 times a day, especially on Saturdays. 

If you have a Mangalik Dasha or the malefic influence of Mars, you can chant the hymn regularly. This hymn has the power to strengthen the weak position of Mars and collect more positive energy and courage from the planet. 

The case is the same with a malefic or weak position of Saturn and Mars, both in your zodiac. Astrologers suggest reading this hymn daily, at least two times a day, to remove the malefic effects from the planets and bliss your life with more positivity and vitality. 

Best time to read the hymn

You can chant this hymn at any time of the day. The hymn is not too large to read. It can easily be remembered and does not take more than ten minutes to read. The hymn consists of forty verses, and every two lines are called “Chaupai.” According to the astrological and traditional beliefs, each Chaupai has different significance and provides the reader with different blessings. If you don’t have enough time to read the whole verses, just a few lines or a few Chaupais will work. The best time to read these hymns is in the early morning after taking a bath or in the evening after lighting a mud lamp or Diya in your puja room. However, you can also chant this mantra at night before or after going to bed or in the early morning after waking up.

Astrological significance of the different verses

The hymns consist of several benefits, including the blessing to remove your past karma. These hymns Provide you with knowledge and potential and improve your spirituality. It also helps to remove addictions and bad habits. Moreover, it improves your divine power and Protects you from poisons. By chanting these hymns regularly, you can get victory over your enemies and achieve wealth and good health. Moreover, the hymns provide you with enough mental peace and improve your serenity of mind. 

Impacts of chanting the hymns to influence you toward positivity

  • Hanuman Challisha has the potential to remove the malefic influence of Saturn from your zodiac. 
  • The hymns have an aesthetic significance as well. It uplifts your soul and inspires you to collect good karma effects in the future. 
  • The verses have several magical powers to cut off negativity and collect confidence to achieve your goal and gain positive effects on your mind. 
  • The Challisha is believed to have the power to weird off negative energies from life and improve the position of the Sun in your zodiac. So, if you have a weak position of the Sun in your zodiac, you can chant this hymn daily at your convenient time to get more positive henry from the Sun. 


So, Hanuman Challisha indeed can influence your mind and soul toward more positivity. However, you can take suggestions from the best astrologer online or the best astrology app to know more about the benefits of reading Hanuman Challisha. 

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