Tips for a Pleasurable and Safe Umrah

Travelling internationally for Umrah poses challenges as you must consider the safety of your belongings, yourself, and the people you travel with. Did you know that the first step toward protection from discomfort and danger is safety?

As you know, Muslims who perform the Umrah are blessed by God. Umrah is performed by Muslims worldwide with diligent planning of Umrah packages and preparation. But, in this article, we will go through some Umrah safety tips to make your trip more secure and enjoyable. Remember to read the whole article; it can become more beneficial and a blessing. 

Plan your Umrah journey thoroughly:

Planning and booking are the first steps in performing Umrah. When booking, you will undoubtedly go to some travel agency or agent. The tricky part is that you will have to plan your trip carefully. Ensure the company providing the Umrah packages is reliable, trusted and ATOL-protected. Choose a reputable, safe travel agency and book your flights and accommodation in advance. It is also essential to be updated for travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Prepare yourself for the heat.

Mecca and Medina remain hot almost all the months of the year. The weather is always warm there. However, in the winter, the climate becomes somehow cool, but not at all. You can check out the temperature for the travelling month when departing. For heat protection, you can follow the following points:

  • Drink more water to stay hydrated 
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat
  • Use umbrella
  • Pack light and comfortable clothing
  • You can also use sunscreen/sunblock

Ensure your health:

Taking care of your health is an essential part of Umrah. Health is the top priority for performing Umrah and its rituals. This tip is most effective for older people because there can be many health issues. For health precautions, you can carry your medication, consult with the doctor, or check-up before travelling. It depends on how the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah will allow individuals with health conditions. 

Tip: When visiting Ziyarats Point, rest and take breaks to avoid serious health precautions.

Be aware of your surroundings:

During Umrah, there can be huge crowds, so you will have to take care of your surroundings. If you travel with an organized group, connect with them. Keep an eye on your family members, stay with them and hold their hands in crowded areas. For more safety, follow the points:

  • Be careful about pickpockets
  • It’s advisable not to take any cash or valuable things with you
  • Necessary: Keep your travel documents in a safe place
  • Avoid walking alone in banned and restricted areas
  • Report to the authorities if you notice something serious 

Follow the Saudi Authorities instructions:

The Saudi government gives many instructions daily to increase the safety and experience of pilgrims. You should constantly check the authority’s instructions when about to perform Umrah. They are giving these security guidelines just for the comfort of the pilgrims. Follow the instructions and consult with them or any safety personnel.

Note: Doing the Umrah in any month of the year is acceptable in front of Allah (SWT). But when you will make this journey in Ramadan by using Ramadan Umrah packages, it will be the best chance to explore pleasurable journey.

How can you perform Umrah safely?

  1. Performing every action safely doesn’t just give you mental satisfaction, and you followed the rule settled. 
  2. To perform Tawaf safely, do not push or shove anyone around your surroundings, especially women pilgrims. Penalties in Saudi Arabia are harsh.
  3. For performing Sa’i, women shouldn’t be touched by other men and vice versa. Ensure to take care of your money belt/bag during Umrah from losing.


Umrah is a lesser pilgrimage, which doesn’t require just mental and physical preparation but also requires proper safety guidelines. You can opt from the points mentioned above; if you require more, you can take it according to your needs. Stay safe, and don’t let them wander off from your side. If you run away or forget paths to reach destinations, stay calm and find an authority person near you. May you have a safe Umrah!

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