Can Social Media Marketing For Estate Agents help to get leads?

Social media has become essential to how brands communicate with their customers, and the real estate industry is no exception. If you haven’t been utilising social media to its greatest potential, don’t think it will disappear any time soon. Globally, 4.48 billion people actively used social media in 2021, up from 3.69 billion in 2020 and a 13.13% rise year over year.

Looking to increase the effectiveness of Social media marketing for estate agents? Use these top nine suggestions:

Be personal

Social media is special because it necessitates a human touch. A stuffy corporate voice has no place; you need to show the character behind your brand, and it must be genuine. To achieve this, explain your tale in a relatable, humane manner. Use a voice that is direct with your audience and highlights your personnel, allowing their personalities to shine. If at first, this seems odd, observe how successful businesses operate and take a cue from them.

Show dedication

It can take up to a year to build a solid following and truly find your voice if you don’t have much of a social media presence, so be patient if you don’t have one. While doing Facebook marketing for estate agents you must be dedicated to the platforms you are using. Don’t create many accounts if you don’t have the time to handle them. It is preferable to perform one thing well than to occupy a stage merely for a show. Post frequently, and be sure to reply to any interactions with customers right away. To improve engagement, you must also analyze what is happening and measure what is effective.

Use tools

Make the most of your time by scheduling your postings in advance. Tools like TweetDeck, Hootsuite, or Buffer can help you with this. Plan everything you can in advance, including links to newsletters, videos, and blog entries. Add new content to this that responds to hot topics or trends. You don’t have to develop new content every time you manage several accounts, which might be a relief. Existing content can be reused to appeal to new audiences. Ideally, execute it creatively; for instance, a blog post distributed via Twitter might turn into a Facebook video and Instagram story.

Do more than just listing properties

Social media platforms are excellent for promoting beautiful properties, but be careful not to limit your timelines to lists of houses for sale and rent. According to experts, no more than 20% of your timeline should be devoted to this kind of post. Consider presenting houses in unique ways, such as by outlining the circumstances around the house transfer.

Be the source of information and entertainment

Your target audience expects more from you than just a hard sell; you must give them helpful information. By offering guidance and ideas, you may help customers navigate the difficult processes of buying, selling, and renting. Additionally, you ought to become involved in the neighbourhood and provide updates on news and planned events.

Add variety to your posts

You should include an image with every post on social media but try to mix them up. Don’t just use the same dull inside and exterior photos of houses. A timeline can be spiced up with images of cute animals or breathtaking scenery, and you can employ clever infographics to entice readers to a news site.

Remember that conversations are two-way

More and more people are engaging in public social media interactions with businesses. It’s crucial to keep an eye on your accounts and provide timely and useful responses to any inquiries. Businesses in the real estate industry are probably subject to the occasional nasty social media post. If someone complains about the service they received, look into it and deal with it directly. If necessary, make things right and explain what you did. You might also become the focus of trolls; if that happens, rebut any false information and move on. Consider your consumers’ comments and posts on social media as a great source of information. Use polls to both engage people and learn what they think.

Give importance to videos

These days, including videos in your timeline to engage your audience, is pretty much a requirement. This might be anything from tours of luxurious homes to “how-to” movies on useful topics. Animated infographics can attract the viewer’s attention and encourage sharing. If you’re unsure about the kind of video to produce, observe what your rivals are doing. You should also examine videos from your favourite non-real estate brands. Check what works and see if you can modify it. Your videos don’t have to be extensive or complicated. Videos that last under 90 seconds have the highest engagement ratings on Facebook.

With these tips and tricks, estate agents can generate leads through social media platforms and keep in touch with the clients and add to the brand value. 

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