Top Summer Activities in London

Every year during the months of summer, London transforms into a city that is alive with activity and exudes a brilliant mood. The city has high temperatures during the months of July and August, making these months ideal for enjoying activities outside and you can reach each location with the help of London’s finest chauffeur service.

The purpose of this article is to provide you with some suggestions as to what you can do throughout the summer in London.

Notting Hill Carnival

This spectacular event, which celebrates Caribbean culture, takes place on the streets of West London and is the largest street party in all of Europe. Its route goes through a number of different West London areas.

It takes place on the last Monday of August each year, which also happens to be the same day as the August Bank Holiday and the Sunday preceding it. We advise you to take the tube to either the Westbourne Park or the Notting Hill Gate stop, and then walk to the parade area from there.

You have the option of standing and watching all of the floats parades along with Caribbean bands, DJs, and a large number of dancers, or you can follow a certain float if you like the way it looks.

In addition, there will be restaurants serving jerk chicken and other Caribbean specialties all along the route of the procession.

Every year, the carnival attracts millions upon millions of people. Monday is the day of the main procession, but Sunday is more commonly thought of as a day to spend with family.

Flowers Festival Chelsea

Great landscapers from all over the world get together for this event that is hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society. They compete with each other to create the most beautiful flower gardens they can.

Every year, the participants blow everyone away with their increasingly original and imaginative works of art. In addition, gardening advice is provided, and talks are given on a wide variety of topics, ranging from the curative properties of plants to the importance of protecting them.

The celebration is hosted in the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, which is located in close proximity to the Sloane Square underground station. 

On the final day of the sale, a large number of the plants and flowers are marked down to deeply discounted prices, making it possible to find excellent deals.

BBC Proms

The world-famous BBC Proms are hosted in London each year throughout the summer for a total of eight weeks in a number of different locations. The concerts focus on classical music.

The majority of the performances, which include everything from musicals to classical concerts played by some of the world’s top orchestras to African or Caribbean rhythms, are offered at prices that are surprisingly affordable. The Royal Albert Hall in Kensington is the location of the majority of the most significant events.

Open-air theatre at Regent’s Park

Attending plays that are performed outside in the open air is consistently ranked among the most popular things to do in the evenings during the summer in London. During the summer, there are a total of five concerts performed each day, with one taking place in the evening.

There is everything from opera to Shakespeare to plays written specifically for youngsters. The Open Air Theatre may be found in Regent’s Park, close to the station of the same name on the subway system.

The Wimbledon Championship

The Wimbledon Championships are not only a collection of tennis matches; they are so much more. This fantastic outdoor celebration includes a wide variety of activities, and sports are just one of them.

You can indulge in a refreshing glass of the world-famous Pimm’s, savour the time-honoured combination of strawberries and cream, and take in the sophisticated style of the other guests.

The Wimbledon Championships have a time-honoured feel to them because of the grass courts and the stringent etiquette regulations that are in place.

It is highly unlikely that you will be able to purchase tickets for the centre court unless you plan ahead and do so several months in advance.

Getting tickets to matches played on the lesser courts can often be accomplished with little effort. Take the train to the Wimbledon Park stop to make your way to the tennis tournament.

Primrose Hill sunset

Primrose Hill, a small hill located just to the north of Regent’s Park in Camden, offers one of the most breathtaking panoramas of London.

Walking up to this point in the summer and taking in the breathtaking view of the city skyline, especially on a day when the air is clear, is one of the best ways to spend your time in the city.

In any event, the most breathtaking view of London that can be had from Primrose Hill is during the golden hour, when the colours of the day and the night come together to create a one-of-a-kind scene.

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