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The most current post in our blog series comparing tyres is Pirelli vs. Continental. Similar to before, we’ll begin by discussing the passenger tyres before moving on to the SUV tyres. Check out the tyres we have in store for our readers today.


You may recall that we discussed the Pirelli P Zero in one of our earlier pieces. Let’s quickly explore P Zero. But first, you have to have a basic understanding of Pirelli. This is one of the tyre brands that are most well-known throughout the world. The world’s most well-known motorsports events have their name and logo. The business has a good track record of backing competitions like the Spanish and Hungarian Grand Prix. It will also be the only tyre supplier for the World Rally Championship starting in 2021. Simply said, Pirelli has a close relationship with important motorsports events. As a result, the organisation has significantly increased its knowledge & understanding in this sector.



The Pirelli P Zero was developed as a result of these skills and knowledge. The tyre is an ultra-high-performance tyre that is designed for use on potent sports automobiles. Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Bentley, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, and McLaren are a few automakers that use the P Zero as an original equipment tyre for their cars. If this doesn’t, nothing else will be able to convey how the P Zero functions.

These tyres are frequently quite noisy. They were designed for strong animals that growl whenever the accelerator is depressed, after all. However, P Zero’s PIRELLI NOISE CANCELLING SYSTEMTM assures that this is not the case (PNCS). The PNCS can reduce the noise by using a sound-absorbing component installed inside the tyre. As a result, there is a 50% reduction in noise. The tyre comes in a variety of sizes.

Continental, Pirelli’s most formidable rival, developed the superb ContiSportContact 5. Similar to the P Zero, it is an ultra-high-performance tyre designed for powerful sports cars and opulent coupes. Many notable automakers have chosen it as the original equipment tyre for a variety of vehicles. The ContiSportContact 5 differs from the Pirelli P Zero in terms of technology.

The tyre comes with ContiSealTM. For many of our readers, it’s a brand-new technology. Therefore, a brief explanation is necessary. The air starts to leak out of a puncture, deflating the tyre. But in this case, the puncture is automatically plugged, so the tyre does not deflate. The viscous, sticky sealing layer known as ContiSealTM closes 80% of all punctures. Therefore, before continuing to drive, drivers are not needed to change the tyre or patch the puncture.

And not just that. Certain sizes of the Conti are also compatible with SSR technology. It shows that the tyres can still support the weight of the automobile even after a complete loss of air pressure. An SSR is a self-supporting reinforced sidewall. Therefore, there is no longer a need for a spare tyre, which would have made a car use more gas and slowed it down. The P Zero has PNCS, whilst the Conti has ContiSilentTM. Despite differences in technology, the aim of noise reduction remains the same.


There is no clear winner in this case. Both tyres are suited for sporty cars. They are made to increase sports cars’ performance while offering a safe and comfortable ride.


It has already been discussed the P Zero. A larger P Zero can be placed on SUVs and 4x4s. There is no trade-off between performance or any of the features. The 4×4 Contact is best suited for large SUVs. The tyres are designed to be used on both paved roads and highly difficult terrain, such as mountains. In other words, having two different sets of tyres is no longer required. It is a tremendous comfort for SUV owners who occasionally like the challenge of off-road driving. The 4×4 Contact is the original equipment tyre for several BMW and Mercedes-Benz cars.


Such tyres often sacrifice wet surface traction in order to boost stiffness on uneven terrain. This certainly isn’t the situation. Both on dry and wet surfaces, these tyres offer dependable traction. There is no possibility of hydroplaning since the tread is designed for quick water dispersion. When using the 4×4 Contact, there is essentially little chance of losing traction.


It is challenging to predict the winner once more. Both tyres are perfect for SUVs and 4×4 vehicles. The two brands are what influenced us not to choose a winner. Pirelli and Continental combine cutting-edge technology and extensive research to manufacture their goods. Consequently, they are roughly equal.

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